Recommendations and best practices for 'talking Stacks'

📆 Last updated: 3.5.2024

😎 This resource is maintained by the Stacks Brand WG

<aside> 🟧 As Stacks grows, it's important we consistently assess and re-assess key aspects of the ecosystem. This is obvious as is related to Stacks technology, but should also apply to things like brand and narrative. As an ecosystem, we’ve learned a lot about how to help folks easily understand the value proposition of Stacks, especially in a world where Ordinals are thriving and the broader culture of building on Bitcoin has come alive. Below, you will find the most current recommended messaging and brand positioning information.


<aside> 🟧 In addition to the evolving narrative guidance, the Brand WG has released a refreshed Stacks visual brand with the help of the community. Brand assets can be found at and below.


Stacks - Quick References:

One-line positioning statement: Stacks is the leading Bitcoin L2

  1. Broad audience: “Activate the Bitcoin economy with the leading Bitcoin L2”
  2. Developer-focused: “Build with the leading Bitcoin L2”

1-Sentence Description:

  1. Broad audience: “Stacks is a Layer 2 solution for building new use cases on Bitcoin”
  2. Developer-focused: “The Stacks layer enables smart contracts and decentralized applications that use Bitcoin as a secure base layer.”

1-Sentence for Exchanges:

2-Sentence Description: